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tv   Fox 46 News  FOX  March 6, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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verso books loved ones of a high school gathered to honor her life tonight. she was killed tuesday in a car accident. officer said the driver of the eclipse was speeding and lost control of car driving off the road and hitting a tree. friends say she will be missed. outside the school student spray painted iraq on the front lawn with the words rest in peace, heaven. the accident happened near an elementary school. the driver admitted he was speeding and lost control drove off the road and hit a tree. >> it's overwhelming because i didn't know these many people were here to support her. >> she could relate to anybody from the people that wanted to be around to people that do what they are supposed to do every day. a good person all the way around. >> earlier this week student spray painted iraq on the front lawn with the words rest in
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officers are investigating how it all happened. police and salisbury are investigating a double shooting that killed one man and an injured another. the shooting happened outside of ueno. devin daniel mcgee died around 9:00 a.m.. his brother antoine terrell mcgee was taken to hospital. he is in critical but -- critical condition. sam smith has reactions. >> the party turned into a crime scene. police say two brothers were shot outside of the legion hall early saturday morning. 24-year-old devin daniel mcgee was taken to hospital where he later died. his 29-year-old brother antoine terrell mcgee was taken to the hospital too. neighbors say it wasn't the first time something like this happen in the area. >> i think about how things have
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the legion hall is used for a variety of events and despite with police say happened early saturday morning at the anna holmes was using the event for a birthday party. i'm not going to let somebody else to my grandkids joy joy. >> attacks people inside the legion hauled in shots were fired outside. they said everything was fine up until that point in the act of violence came out of nowhere. police haven't made any arrests in this case. they're hoping to get help from the public to find the person or people responsible. neighbors are left wondering why it happened at all. >> i think people's values have changed. they don't value life anymore. >> reporting and salisbury sam smith fox 46 wjzy. anyone with any information is
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it's not the first time there has been violence at legion hall. 13-year-old girl was shot and killed in 2007 when she was caught in the crossfire of a gang shooting. on a tonight at 10 officials telling "fox 46 news" two people killed after shooting at a mcdonald's were employees of the fast food chain. they say mcdonald's manager trainee michelle lail and cody watts both worked at the highway 70 mcdonald's in hickory to the two died after shooting wednesday night. eric young is charged in the shooting. police believe the shooting was a result of domestic dispute read all of the mcdonald's restaurant in caldwell catawba and burke county will host a fund-raiser starting monday. 1 dollar from every one big mac extra value meal will be donated to the families. >> good evening. the event tracking showers moving across the area throughout the night. it's gone from light to moderate in a few spots. not a whole lot of folks are
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you are still thinking about heading out tonight take the umbrella. you may get a few spurts of sprinkles as we move through tonight. is where we are seeing some of the heaviest rain and it's not that have either but chesterfield seeing rain and if you're heading towards pinehurst further to the east you will run into -- pushing towards morganton and leonore. none of that is very heavy but we will continue to track that as well as we go through the next little bit. i want to take a look at temperatures. sitting at 51 degrees. the winds are calm outside and we are still mostly cloudy. things will be fairly quiet out there but i want to point out we have some pretty major changes coming across the area. we are still not in spring but we are going to see the temperatures beginning. your warm weather headed our way
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we will look at that.t.t. jenna: a sea of red white and blue fill the gas tank or teahouse -- county courthouse. it was a confederate flag that more than 100 folks brought with them as they defended their right to fly the flag. kevin may check has the story. >> a comment common theme many spoke about at the rallies have the confederate flag is anything but racist. they say it's a symbol of
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very proud of. >> now it's not slavery, no it's not racism. >> more than 100 people rallied in gastonia with confederate flags in hand. >> we are proud of our heritage proud of our southern heritage. >> sons of confederate veterans organized the rally defending their right to fly the flag. they said it represents an important part of history that is often not told truthfully. >> our ancestors were not traitors they were simply voluntarily leaving the union they had joined. independent presidential candidate joined in on the rally at bringing its not racist, far from it. >> they can't hate. its colors and what we have got is an american heritage is being
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>> like how it was taken down in south carolina capital grounds last june following a mass shooting that killed nine black parishioners in charleston. >> they began to spin this out of control and inspired act because my heritage. had the group is keeping to keep the better flag flying high. >> this is america we still live in. it's part of our duty as southerners and his family members to take a stand and let our voice be heard. >> in gastonia kevin machek fox 46 wjzy. jenna: on tuesday the same group plans to go to rally for the first confederate lobby day talking to legislators about their right to fight if -- fly
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a tow truck drivers and facing serious charges after police say he shot the owner of the truck overnight. happened on central pacific avenue in south charlotte this morning. police have arrested jarvis sent them simpson. the person who was shot took himself to cmc. cmpd is investigating after two men were found with gunshot went wounds in front of a department complex on central avenue new north sharon m&a. witness 4800 carriage drive called 911 around 11:15 this morning. when police arrived they found two men with gunshot wounds to the head. both were transported to the hospital in serious condition. it's unclear what exactly transpired but they do not believe was a random act of violence. they are not looking for suspect at this time. how a patrols investigated deadly crash in rowan rowan county.
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race driver from canada who is testing a car and performance rodent cells very. according to investigators a you lost control of the vehicle ran off the road and struck in a bank. he was then ejected from the car. troopers are not releasing his name at this point. in south carolina deadly crash. the coroner's office tells us johnny anthony of clover died in a crash. toxicology tests are being conducted tomorrow. information tonight from rock hill after violent 24 hours in the city. one teenagers dead in four people injured after four shootings plague the area in a matter of hours. 18-year-old jarrius harding was shot and killed and someone shot into his car friday afternoon. the shooting took place after another when it happened thursday night where three people were shot and wounded in a home. none of the injuries are life-threatening. it's a big night in the presidential race. residents in five states casting
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among republicans ted cruz going victories in kansas in maine and donald trump capturing leading up to the democratic side bernie sanders winning in nebraska hillary winning louisiana. doug mcgowan takes us on the road to the white house. republicans going to the polls in maine kansas kentucky and louisiana. texas senator ted cruz winning in kansas. >> we have to come together. we have to unite and that's why i made an explicit invitation. >> donald trump trying to extend his lead in the fractious. >> i watched it the other day where little marco is going donald will not win. this guy has got so many problems i don't think you will come close to winning his own state. >> conservatism is not how loud you can be how effective can it be how many bad words can you say how many ridiculous things can you say on television. that's not conservatism. meanwhile democrats in nebraska
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between clinton and bernie sanders. >> in poll after poll we are defeating trump by big numbers bigger numbers than hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton met with african-american ministers to discuss voting rights. >> we have to do much more to help the people of flint. >> democrats in maine and people in puerto rico went to the polls. crucial primaries on march 15 in ohio and florida if they could make or break some of the campaigns. in new orleans doug mcelway "fox news." >> good good evening. hope you are doing great out there. litza get your headlines. we have mentioned showers moving to the area. we will see them continue to the next couple of hours but here are some good news. we will get the sun out on sunday so if you're itching to get outside and weren't able to do today will have an
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how about this, we will get an early jump on spring. it will be feeling i felt there. we have picked up a little bit of rain a little bit of rain outside, not a ton of rain and at best it can do and five hundredths of an inch charlotte and the northern have more than the southern half but you will see a chance for light isolated showers across the area over the next couple of hours. as we track your futurecast we will see some changes happening tomorrow that will stick for good. here's tomorrow morning. if you are going to church may be heading out for breakfast or brunch things look good. we will see sunshine early in the day temperature starting out cool but we will have a nice warm-up and it should be a nice day overall with sunshine from start to finish across the area. we will talk about that later on the newscasts. you will affect her whether she get into the mid-to later part
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i think you'll really like your forecast. if you're looking for something to do tomorrow keep in mind it's the last day of the spring home show. i was up there last week, it's awesome. there are a ton of folks out there. temperatures should be 59, great day for that. winds out of the north at five to 10 miles an hour and i do want to imagine tonight still chilly, 38. scattered showers. probably not going to see a ton more in charlotte that we could see a few more soap you are stepping out tonight you may want to take your umbrella just to have it handy and they want to check out the three-day outlook 59 tomorrow warming into monday 64 and is beginning to tuesday we will be looking at 72 degrees. a lot of 70s in that forecast. jenna: ryan thinks. we all should know by now but i'm ready to have my first baby this coming summer but i have to
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training. check it out. >> my loving adorable mastiff who has some work to do before our first baby comes home from a the hospital. it's time for doggy boot camp. how are you? nice to meet you, thank you. come on and. >> i brought in our expert dog trainer jason toy from k-9 scholars. >> how have you been doing up to this point? >> i will be honest we can sit and lay downbut as far as that goes we haven't tried anything more than that.
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>> it's never too late. >> frank is a good dog but i may be looking through rose-colored glasses like some other pet owners. >> no one likes to admit their faults. jenna: i agree he's a lot to handle and has his faults but we have three months to get them into shape before the baby gets here and jason tells me this is a problem a lot of families have. >> if you have good boundaries the dog and the kid can't coexist. >> one thing jason said it's important to keep in mind. >> of reality is the kids will come first at the end of the day. we want to make sure everything is done for her family so the dog will probably get neglected for the most part because children come first at the end of the day. we want to make sure we set up what dogs expect is supposed to thinking everything will be
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jenna: let's figure out a frank is doing the right thing when we go for walks around the neighborhood. >> just walked to one house and come back. jenna: at first frank isn't walking obediently -- obediently. >> he is obviously not worried about where you are or what you are doing. >> it's something he learns quickly with repetitive action. >> you have to pay attention to where i'm going. take four or five steps forward to stop. wait. a little leash correction. another pop toward you. now pet him right there. jenna: the walking is good that we have a long way to go before frank is able to hang out with a
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next week we are handling -- tackling phase two.
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other dog. jenna: what do you need a new outfit or accessories you can find a great deal of goodwill while helping the community. a brand-new store. door open in the university area and any people ripe for the grand opening and got refreshments. this is goodwill 23rd retail store in north and south carolina. the store is open seven days a week. we may soon be able to predict when and where a tornado will hit. researchers say they found a link between tornado activity and complicated atmospheric wave patterns that shift every 40 to 60 days. it was put to the test and was able to predict tornadoes and a 15 times. right now is it's predicting higher than normal tornado activity for march. in tonight's healthwatch the navy is getting another chance
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would have been kicked after repeatedly failing their physical fitness test. the navy lessened its restrictions. officials say the service was leaving too many talented sailors. some sailors were resorting to liposuction or diet pills to save a prayer. the navy is considering larger uniform sizes for the first time in two decades. his thing called a breakthrough in cancer research. british scientists have discovered a way that may one day allow patients fighting cancer will allow their main systems to fight the disease. a study by research for the first time time researchers identified a biological signature found on the surface of every cell in a patient's tumor as well as immune killer cells that are equal to zero in on that signature. instead of being given toxic chemotherapy patients could potentially be given vaccines made from proteins in their own
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system response. washington d.c. barzan trouble with the city for labeling its bathrooms men and women. apparently it's discriminating. discriminating. owner bill duncan saidarently it's discriminating. owner bill duncan said he recently got papers claiming they are in violation of a tenure regulation regarding restrooms to that lot order single occupancy bathrooms gender-neutral. d.c.'s office of human rights says it's not about transgender but clearing up alleged confusion and helping a child of a different gender. >> we have many reports in the transgender community that they were harassed because they might might have been seen waiting outside of the bathroom of a male or female and someone may have thought they shouldn't be in that bathroom. >> it's unknown how much the bar will have to pay for the violation. washington d.c. was one of the first to pass the gender-neutral
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passed a similar ordinance being deemed controversial by many. a south carolina team is facing charges for accessing his teachers bumming funding giving out pictures of her. started with a few private pictures on the teacher cell phone. leanne arthur said they were supposed to be a romantic gesture forests husband but she left her cell phone on her desk and walked out of the room.
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voyeurism for jenna. >> recapping tonight's top stories, salisbury police investigating shooting that left one person dead and sent another to the hospital. happened overnight at jc price legion post 107 and we are told 24-year-old devin daniel mcgee die this morning and his brother sub vibe was taken to winston-salem hospital and is in critical condition. if you know anything about the shooting you are asked to contact the police department. cmpd is investigating after two men were found with gunshot wounds in front of an apartment complex. central avenue north sharon amity. a witness to the shooting at -- called 911 around 11:15 this morning. police arrived and found two males with gunshot wounds to the head. both were transport transported
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transpired that police say they do not believe this was a random act of violence. a sea of red white and blue filled the front of the gassing county courthouse but it was the confederate flag. 100 rallied for their right to fly the flag saying it's not racist but part of american history and southern heritage. the sons of confederate veterans organize the event. new tonight the south carolina mom pleads guilty in the death of a 2-year-old lloyd. authorities say 21-year-old desiree -- of lexington pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter. she has been sentenced to 30 years in prison. in 2012 she threw the boy against the floor and a a while. the doctor testified the boy would have survived if you have got medical attention. three people are lucky to be alive after car slammed into a south carolina home.
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the only person that carved crashed into greenville county home friday morning. two people were inside at the time and the couple telling officials they thought it was an earthquake and were startled by the crash. they were not harmed in the incident and the driver was not seriously injured. a south carolina highway patrol investigating the cause of the accident at this time. a boy is all smiles after his kindness toward a police officer was recently acknowledge that the officer himself. emily collins sat down with those and shows us how a little selflessness can go a long way. >> him until last week 5-year-old cooper coke in our head no idea how much a small donation he made last year really meant. cooper's talking about the remote control truck given to muster by former police officer
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white says it's a small token of appreciation for the 76-dollar donation cooper made to his cancer fund. >> they had a lot of golf tournaments and fund-raisers and he heard about it. they were doing school challenges. >> quiets year-long battle with cancer has captivated the entire community. not only did white serve on the police force for seven years but he left the last -- less than left a lasting impression on everyone he came into contact with. which is why cooper's mom tanya said it was no surprise he decided to handle of his birthday money over to sergeant white. it's a gesture she has instilled character in cooper and helps them understand the true value of life. we talked about how expensive it
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and things like that and he thought about it and he said i can't believe he gave me a present for the money i gave him. he should have used that for his medical bills. >> now both cooper and sergeant white are on the winning end while cooper continues to learn valuable life lessons alongside his family and friends. sergeant white continues on his jersey -- journey towards remission remaining thankful for each day in a community filled with people just like cooper. >> the prayers and the donations and the go fund me page lead up to cooper. >> emily collins fox 46 wjzy. sergeant white was forced to retire due to his illness from the police department in january he accepts donations through his go fund me page. the goal is to -- $1000. the author behind the best
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has died at the age of 70. pat conroy drew upon his abusive childhood for most of his material. brian mcguinness has more. >> pat conroy died friday night at home in south carolina surrounded by friends and family. a 7-year-old announced last month he was battling pancreatic cancer. the beloved american author is best known for works like the great santini the prince of tied another bestsellers like the lords of discipline. in all his books sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. his readers fell in love with this personal style of writing. each of his novels were handwritten influenced by his troubled upbringing in south carolina at the hands of an abusive father living in a fractured family. conway once had an interview with "vanity fair" quote one of the greatest gifts you you give us as a writer is to be born into an unhappy family.
1:33 am
in 1945 in atlanta georgia. he was the eldest of seven children and grew up in a military family attending 11 schools in 12 years. his father donald conroy was a marine aviator -- military hero who pat said physically abused his family. his rash military upbringing inspired his first novel the great santini. his father's real ethnic name. conroy said they book initially enraged his family but then brought closeness to his family and him. two oscar-nominated films including the great santini starring robert duvall and his most successful book the prince of tides in 1991 starring barbara streisand. in a statement barber said pats natural language was poetry. he observed every nuance of
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the truth presenting it in all its glorious and seven complexity. the great american authorr leaves behind a wife, four daughters and seven grandchildren. in new york bryan llenas "fox news." bill: the greatest were for rank college sports takes center
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durham. >> duke is going to win the game. >> just two and a half weeks ago duke backing off bigger rival north carolina at chapel hill and again the tar heels should have one but even with the end. a chance at redemption tonight with the heels traveling to durham for the rematch. unc hasn't won at cameron indoor since 2011. bryce johnson had a big game. the last time these two met they had another big game tonight. catching the alley-oop, 18 points and how about this 21 at the break just under 13 to play. duke down ranted and grum comes alive in the second half. he knocks it down due down by
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qaeda but 49 but carolina's postgame throwdown in california california -- carolina gets their revenge. >> the cat caeser the pit 53. >> barber keeping in a game against notre dame. he had a game-high 29 points but the irish too much in the end. they failed alley-oop attempt for the wolfpack. the ball goes the other way and that's the major is jackson knocking down to three. 89-75. sunni. >> oh my.
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dante grantham. no regards for the ram. the tigers up 17 at the break and they never looked back going on to win 56-50. boston college 0-18. that look says it all. south carolina raps of the regular season with the 76-61 win over arkansas. darius -- lead with 52 points. next up south carolina but will not plan to friday. senior day at davidson. their final home game of the season. these teams playing a tough game as brian bowman gets his first jumper the game. just a sophomore but so important for this game.
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gives the team leading scorer. back to sullivan he's a senior and when you are the senior you get the ball even when you get fouled. the wildcats get the win 87-80. did after we go homecoming for kyle bush and his brother kurds. they were in their hometown of las vegas. uis want to win when you are back home but kyle is 0-11 in his hometown track. they tried to change it today. >> would have dominating performance. 199 of 200 laps. he will never forget this one. the first in his hometown track. get out the checkered flag for kyle bush. finally he's a winner. >> he said that everything is going to say, the drought is over. kyle bush wins in vegas this
1:40 am
first ever in his hometown. >> it feels really good. it feels really good for as good as this car was pretty hated to lose but daniel suarez was going really fast. all these guys, was fast today. check the box off in vegas and only one left. >> bush will try to spend a weekend in vegas when the sprint cobalt 500. his brother kurds -- the defending champion in vegas. phoenix has been a runner-up at the auto club last year. other drivers to watch for mark turek's is going for his top 10 finish in last week's winner
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kobalt >> in today's republican front-runner donald trump will charlotte area. trump will be holding a rally in concord on monday to the campaign announced friday that presidential hopeful will host a rally at the cabarrus arena and event center slated for monday
1:44 am
carolina's primary election. he has supporters cited to see what it has to say but others say they are not ready for for the chaos that comes with the campaign. and in tonight's business watch apple has a new ally in its encryption by previous government. united nations is backing the tech giant's refusal to break into the iphone up on the same project terrace. the fbi has obtained the rights to the software they would overwrite the phones passcode. apple has so far resisted and the top human rights official say the fbi is asking apple to make the security and privacy of millions of people vulnerable to criminals. >> a successful case against apple and the u.s. will set the precedent that may make it impossible for apple or any other major i.t. company to
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anywhere in the world. it's potentially a gift to authoritarian regimes and criminal hackers. >> the fbi condensed iphone contains crucial evidence in its investigation of the san bernardino attacks and apple's encryption technology -- if you drive a ford f-150 pickup you might want to listen to this. the government is looking into reports of brakes failing on the truck. 420,000 vehicles from the 2013/20 for two model years. some drivers reporting the pedal can go to forward complete loss of raking. ford says it take safety seriously and will investigate investigate -- will cooperate with investigation but you might notice changes next time you head to the movies. amc theaters is buying car mike
1:46 am
amc says the acquisition will help expand its geographic reach and tens of millions of new customers through the afc owns and operates more than three and 50 theaters nationwide. car mike has a little over 250 communities. the chains plan to bring its experience such as premium food and drink and recliners to car mike locations. excited for warmer temperatures in time for spring break. a number of schools across the area will be taking recess for a week. students and families are preparing for vacation while they top nation -- destinations orlando and kept his cancun and others are emerging in that include houston and believe it or not paris. >> average airfare prices are down 60% compared to spring break 2015. people are paying less for their
1:47 am
for places this year that maybe they can drive with one tank of gas trip. >> the first official day is coming upon us in a few weeks. it's march 20. these two young ladies aren't messing around and they want to make that clear. they're relatively famously competitive than shooting world and now they are giving men twice their age a run for their money. >> she packs a punch. at 17 years old emily robinson is a competitive uspsa action control sugar moving tactically with a glock moving with ease. >> robinson has been competing since 2012 after her parents
1:48 am
started teaching her gun safety. >> they taught us gun safety when we are three or four. >> she is apple of her dad's ing is one of his good luck charms to travel to competition with her with a big smile on his face. >> it's really weird. >> the good luck charms work. she was deemed a national champion last year in her clock active shooter class giving men and women older and younger than her a run for their money. >> there are quite a few younger than me. a lot of them started nine or 10 while she is a professional on more levels than one robinson is constantly learning from people she competes with. >> i don't care who you are you can be the better shooter in the world, you can learn something from every match. i will shoot with one and it depends on who shows up. >> when she's not learning she's
1:49 am
known as the 17-year-old is always lending a hope -- lending a helping hand at the range and trying to be a team player. >> you want to be out there helping people and support them in their shooting and help out on the range and do whatever you can tell. >> one young shooter who robinson is taken under her wing is historic in her own right. soon she's a role model for me. i want to shoot mark to her level. mikayla writer is a competitive shooter who prefers the long barrel of a rifle as her weapon of choice. writer max takes the sport very seriously. rider takes the sport very seriously. her mom, dad and sister are her biggest support groups. >> it's a lot more family-oriented than people think. >> the four of us will come out
1:50 am
we have a good time and mom gets involved in the girls do and we might be out here for three or four hours having a good time. >> as she hones the skill of target shooting she said into a sport that was once male-dominated and now has been a mixed crowd with people of all ages catching onto this competitive pastime. >> i love seeing the girls though matter the age. a lot of them surprised themselves about how much better they can chew. >> as she projects a rifle shot a moose onto training for action pistol shooting like her role model emily robinson. >> just pulling the trigger and doing something i'm passionate about and knowing my family is behind me. bill: these ladies are tough. it's pretty good for dads come
1:51 am
yourself. emily and mikhail are both homeschooled so they can travel to competitions and make time for practice. if you ever want to be on a tv show now is your chance. a new fox drama shots fired is going to be filmed here in charlotte and the surrounding areas. people of all ages are encouraged to tryout for extras for the new show and for more information how you can be a part of the additions head to our web site at it's been nearly 50 years since the apollo 11 moon landing and we are learning new things about the mission. they made discoveries inside the spaceship. bob bernard reports. >> three days after astronauts neal armstrong and buzz aldrin for set foot on the moon the apollo 11 command module columbia splashed down into the
1:52 am
for the past 40 years the space capsule and national treasure as the centerpiece of the smithsonian air and space museum on the mall. >> it's an indescribable thrill. >> for the first time scientists and space buffs are getting to see anti-columbia like never before learning new things. >> making new discoveries with the help of 3-d imaging. >> our job was to document this in such a way that goes -- allows people that are so excited. >> lure go to see things that surprised us and we thought -- dr. allen mcgill has been the curator in charge for more than 30 years. he says he's never set foot inside the capsule. these images recording equipment they carefully reached from the
1:53 am
things handwritten notes. >> astronauts taking advantage of their communications and writing notes on the wall. >> in theirs does handmade calendar from july 1969 that had never been seen before. >> it's like what it would be like if you were locked in a room for several days. weirsdale trying to figure out who did this and win. >> i asked whether he reached out to the two surviving apollo 11 astronauts mike collins and buzz aldrin. >> might talk to me through e-mail so i set eide a nice print out and get his comments. buzz aldrin indicated he thought that sounds like something mike would have done. simeon at the smithsonian. he imaging specialists are creating a virtual reality tour something you will be able to experience with the smartphone and an inexpensive headset.
1:54 am
available for everybody and anybody to explore on line later this summer. on the national mall fox 5 local news. in the battle of burgers... ...jack made a declaration of delicious with the doublejack combo. he formed a perfect union between 100% beef, cheese, andmouth. he took a stand for hot and salty fries. and the freedom to choose from hundreds of freestyledrinks all for $4.99. and america ate it up. true story. get the new double jackcombo for just $4.99
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welcome back. after moving away tonight we will get into the action hero for the next several days from
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thursday. maybe there's in a we will see limited rain chances hana area. we'll pick up friday and saturday but a very comfortable night ahead of us pays a look at what's going on now we can see things relatively quiet within charlotte a few spots with white light showers. we popped down to the south lancaster chesterfield we see rain south of lancaster around chesterfield pinehurst heavy rain and starting to pick up around hickory to the southwest of degree. heading towards westport over the next hours as weather continues across the area. i want to show you our futurecast we are looking for. showers in the southeastern corner of the area through the 230, 3:00 hour. that will clear out by morning. what will use see and places a high pressure system that will try us that will dry side and within a couple of days we will
1:58 am
he'll bring winds from the south and kick and warm moist air or atmosphere. we will see a few clouds and continue to see warm weather but again as i show do a while ago i should say dry read tonight temperatures freezing in the mountains near freezing is you get into the foothills charlotte 38 a few 40s for overnight lows in tomorrow for 40s, 50's and 60s across the area. a fairly mild day not looking for a lot of win tomorrow so you'll be able to get outdoors and enjoy yourself. your extended forecast look at these temperatures. monday forming to 64 and hit 72 on tuesday and camp out in the 70s for much of the next week. and we see rain chances heading into thursday friday and saturday.
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>> thanks for joining us. [ male announcer ] the following is a paid advertisement for the wonder core smart system. you've seen it all -- miracle pills, crazy workouts, and those unbelievable claims of incredible weight loss.
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